Barrie Police reminding everyone that minor crimes can be reported online

Criminal record checks obtained online too, limiting foot traffic at police HQ

The Barrie Police Service is urging folks to take advantage of its online reporting tool.

As the city, province, and the world practice self-isolation, the local service is reminding everyone of the online tool as an alternative to going to the station directly. “You will be able to report non-serious offenses that have taken place,” says police spokesperson Peter Leon, “mischief to property or a vehicle, lost property, theft under $5,000, traffic complaints, and even thefts from vehicles,” Leon says it will generate a report upon which an officer will follow up.

Leon adds individuals can also apply for criminal record checks online. “It’s about limiting the foot traffic, basically, to our headquarters,” he told Barrie 360, “we have a lot of civilian and uniformed officers that come and go throughout the course of the day, and if we can make it easier for people to stay home, that’s what it’s all about,” Leon points out the ability to do these things online has existed for some time, but have added value these days.

“911 is not affected. That is one of the services that must be always present in these types of times, or anytime for that matter,” Leon concluded.