Barrie Pride On The Hunt for a Few Good Volunteers

Help Needed In Getting 2019 Parade Off The Ground

Barrie Pride is looking for backup as it prepares for this year’s festivities, especially the ever-popular parade.

The local LGBT organization is looking for volunteers for the 2019 season including this summer’s parade. Barrie Pride’s Jessie Lawson tells Barrie 360 that at least 50, preferably 100 or more volunteers are needed to help pull of the parade this year.

Openings on Barrie Pride’s volunteer council also include a legal counsel, treasurer, administrative assistant, a design and marketing volunteer, as well as two fundraising positions.

Interested applicants are asked to get in touch with Barrie Pride and lay it all out; those applying should be able to describe what Barrie Pride means to them, why they want to help, and what experiences are brought to the table. Submissions should be sent to