Barrie Woman Helps Deliver Baby On The Street.

Katia Zilaldo does not want to be called a hero.

Katia Zilaldo left her job at Glow Day Spa in Barrie last Monday, and as she recalls it was about 5 or 6 p.m., dark, dreary when she thought she heard someone yelling for help. As she continued to walk, the wailing got louder and Katia noticed a woman by the street. The woman continued to cry out for help and told Katia she was in labour and about to have a baby.

Katia got the woman as comfortable as possible and stayed with her until the baby girl was born. Katia isn’t sure how long the delivery took, guessing maybe half an hour, but time was lost on her.

When the baby was born, the first priority for Katia was to hear the infant cry, so she and the mother would know the child was okay. It was cold outside and Katia said the baby had a blue-purple colour.

“I put my jacket on the baby and told the mom not to worry. I told her I would help.”

When Katia called 9-1-1, she told the dispatcher she could not speak English very well and there was a woman in the street with a baby.

Katia can’t say why she was the one who found the woman except that “I believe in God.”

According to the Glow Day Spa Facebook page, Barrie Police and Sport Chek surprised Katia with a new jacket.

The last thing Katia wants to be called is a hero.

“I am human and I like to help people.”