Barrie Women & Children’s Shelter in need of hand sanitizer after store shelves clean out

The shelter is currently supporting 35 women and children amid COVID-19

Barrie’s Women and Children’s Shelter is in need of hand sanatizer, lysol wipes and bleach.

With city wide shortage of many disinfectant products in stores, the shelter has not been able find what they need. The shelter is currently housing 35 people in crisis and needs the means to support them.

Barrie’s Women and Children’s Shelter is an essential service for those who have nowhere else to go. It will continue to run, but these products are crucial to keep everyone using their services safe.

“There’s been no special provisions allotted to community shelters that have folks coming to them for help,” Teresa MacLennan, executive director at the shelter, told Barrie 360. “The calls to our women’s shelter in Barrie haven’t lessened. Women are still being abused and looking for emergency shelter help, even amidst COVID-19.   At our women & children’s shelter in Barrie, we know that as community supports such as schools and rec-centres close, the incidents of violence for women increase.”

As fear and stress increase as a result of the outbreak, women and children are at an increased risk. Even without access to cleaning products, he shelter is taking steps to reduce the impact of COVID-19 within their facilities.

“Hourly cleaning of our shelter is happening every day and women are isolating themselves in their rooms if they have any symptoms,” she said. “We are trying to get support from our own public health unit when faced with a possible risk of COVID 19. Any staff that have any illness are encouraged to stay home and if women or children are exhibiting symptoms or have increased exposure we are reaching out to the public health unit for advice on how to proceed.”

Anyone interested in helping out should email