Best vegan and plant based eateries in Barrie

From strictly vegan options to a menu everyone can get into

Ripe Organic Cold Pressed Juicery

  • Downtown Barrie – 118 Dunlop St E, Barrie, ON L4M 1P4
  • South End Barrie – 371 King St, Unit 4, Barrie, ON L4N 6B5
  • Muskoka – 1112 Juddhaven Road, Minett, ON P0B 1G0
Ripe Juicery in Downtown Barrie

Ripe Juicery in Downtown Barrie

Must try

The Banana & Cocoa Acai Bowl. Acai puree blended with banana, cocoa & hand pressed almond milk. Topped with gluten free granola & seasonal fruit. Make sure to try the almond butter

Eat green, be green.

Ripe are big on everything plant based, organic, made in-house, purchased locally, sustainable and healthy. It’s why they put cold pressed juice in glass bottles and not plastic.

Follow the beet of your heart.

Everything on this menu will fill your belly, feed your soul and crush your insta feed. Bowls like Follow the Beet are sure to please. Ripe was created by Meghan Muise and Lindsay Haley who support the zero waste lifestyle. They think it’s crazy to select the finest organic produce, cold press 3 or 4 pounds of it into a single pint of pure juice only to pour that pint into a bottle made from petrochemicals and that’s why the use glass.

Lazy Tulip cafe

  • 29 Maple Ave, Barrie, Ontario
Lazy Tulip cafe in Downtown Barrie

Lazy Tulip cafe in Downtown Barrie

Relax and indulge

Just ask for the green options! This cafe downtown offers up quality specialty coffee and a very satisfying menu for those vegans, keto warriors and those meat and potatoes people out there. The atmosphere is relaxed and calming.

AvocoBar the custom salad shop Health Bar

  • 561 Bryne Drive, Unit B2 L4N 9Y3
  • 18 Cundles Road E, L4M 2Z5
  • 149 Welham Road, L49 8Y3

Avoco Bar Barrie

Must Try

So Fresh and so Green

Perfect for those days when you are trying to be good and eat green but the big bad time machine is after you. AvocoBar is quick and healthy and fresh to death, from the daily made dressing to the fruit-infused flavoured spring water.

A custom salad shop with four locations in Barrie, AvocoBar has been serving thousands of green combinations up since 2014.

The Vegan Pantry delicious desserts & fresh vegan food 

  • 34 Ross St Barrie, Ontario
The Vegan Pantry in downtown Barrie

The Vegan Pantry in downtown Barrie

Everything is 100% Vegan

The Vegan Bakery focus is a full vegan menu for people with gluten, dairy, egg and soy sensitivities.

Satisfy more than just your sweet tooth

It isn’t just about the treats at this bakery. We highly recommend you try their cauliflower wings for lunch or stay in for their special of the day.

Boon Burger guilt free burgers 

  • 112 Dunlop St. E.Barrie
Boon Burger in Downtown Barrie

Boon Burger in Downtown Barrie

No shortage of choices

The menu at boon has endless burger selections, but we recommend the staple – the grilled boon patty. Its peach chutney is incredible.

Boon was imagined and cultivated by Tomas & Anneen in 2010. The Canadian franchise has menu that will fix all of those burger cravings with 100% cruelty-free food.

Renegade Health Bar

  • 50 Dunlop Street East, Barrie
Coconut lemon turmeric balls at Renegade Health Bar

Coconut lemon turmeric balls at Renegade Health Bar.

Renegades of food

This health bar has everything you need. If it’s a juice, greens or carbs…the menu is loaded. They also specialize in keto-friendly treats for those keto warriors out there.