Spice up your Caesar game…just in time for the long weekend!

We'll take another drink...Et tu, Brute?

Today is National Caesar Day and we don’t think being the Thursday before the long weekend was just a coincidence. Made with a mix of tomato juice, clam broth, Worcestershire sauce, and vodka (and of course, a little hot sauce), Victoria Day just wouldn’t be the same without one of these delicious drinks in hand. Here are a few tips to make sure your Caesars, are the best (or easiest) Caesars!

Caesar Squeezers make is easy

Listen, you’ve worked hard all week and it’s time to sit back and relax. Who needs to spend all that extra time making a drink when you can just do it the easy way? Caesar Squeezers make it incredibly simple to make an awesome drink. Just squeeze a bit into your favourite juice/vodka combo and just like that, more time to kick back and enjoy.

Choose the right vodka

If you’re going to make an iconic Canadian drink, you need to make it with Canadian ingredients! If there’s one thing you need to make good vodka, it’s clean, pure water and Canada certainly has no shortage of that. If you want the best of the best from right here in Ontario, you can’t go wrong with Flyte Vodka, Georgian Bay Spirit Co., or Beattie’s Distillers.

Garnish like a pro

While what goes in a Caesar isn’t really up for debate, what to garnish it with can be as varied as the person who makes it! You can’t go wrong with the classic celery or a wedge of lime, but this is your opportunity to get creative. Dill pickle? Sure. Asparagus? Of course. All of the above? Don’t mind if we do. For us, we love cooking up a few pieces of crispy bacon for our Caesars, The sky’s the limit!

Turn up the heat

For those of you out there who like to add a little kick to your Caesar, let us introduce you to Terry’s Unique Hot Sauces. Whether you like just a little tingle or you want to be panting without any feeling in your lips, tongue, and face when your drink is empty, Terry’s got some truly delicious hot sauces (and even Caesar mix!) that will have you quickly fixing yourself a second drink.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr via flickr.com