Beware Of Where You Got Your Cosmetic Contacts

Coloured Contacts Can Lead To Scary Infections

A warning from a local optometrist about the use of those funky-coloured contact lenses.

They tend to be a popular choice, particularly with teens at Halloween, but can lead to a real nightmare if you didn’t get them from a professional.

Barrie’s Dr. Adam McLeod say using non-prescription contact lenses can lead to infections, eye scratches, eye sores and in some cases vision loss.

McLeod says after Halloween they inevitably see an influx of people coming in with eye issues after using contact lenses that didn’t come from a professional.

Coloured contacts are fine says McLeod, if they come from a reputable source like optometrist or ophthalmologist

If you get them from somewhere else you run the risk of them not fitting properly, they could be contaminated and this can lead to eye problems.

McLeod says to remember that this is something that’s going on your body and you should take that seriously by taking the proper steps to protect yourself.