Big Bay Point And Fairview To Reopen By End of Day Friday

Roadway Eleven Meters Higher Than When it Closed in June

After months of construction, Big Bay Point Road and Fairview Road are set to reopen.

The bend in the road was closed back in early June so that the entire area could be raised eleven meters to allow for an upcoming overpass.

“Because the crossing actually goes over the highway, on the east side we have to raise Fairview Rd. and Big Bay Point Rd. by approximately eleven meters, so that the approach is in level with the bridge as it goes over the highway.” Barrie’s Director of Engineering Bala Araniyasundaran told Barrie 360 in the summer.

It was originally anticipated the roadway would reopen by October 29th, but delays in construction prolonged the project further.

Meanwhile, the Harvie Road crossing over the 400 is expected to be in place and open for use by the Fall of 2020. It is anticipated the overpass will help reduce traffic congestion and promote growth in the city’s south end.