Big bucks in unclaimed lottery winnings

That cash could be lost if not claimed soon

Check your lottery tickets.

Twenty-seven tickets, including a Lotto Max ticket, worth $1-million, are on the brink of expiring.

Winning tickets have to be cashed in within a year of the draw.

The total value of the unclaimed tickets is more than $4-million.

A Lotto Max ticket worth a half-million dollars expired a month ago.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) says 99% of prize money is generally handed out every year, adding it’s usually the smaller prizes that go unclaimed.

Unclaimed winnings go back to the province if the game is solely operated in Ontario. If it’s part of a national draw, such as Lotto 6/49, unclaimed money is used to sweeten the pot for future draws.

There is a lottery app that allows players to check their tickets on their mobile device.