Blondie and the Beard

Unique, one-of-a-kind handcrafted pens and other cool gifts

The creative community in Barrie is chalk full of talent creating some truly unique things. Enter Carly and Kyle. Or, Blondie and the Beard. The couple are fresh off their first Kempenfest festival where they were posted in the emerging artist section.

Blondie and the Beard

BlondieandtheBeard make some super cool gifts. Check them out on this edition of Movers and Makers, brought to you by Busch Systems

Posted by Barrie 360 on Monday, September 30, 2019

The artists create amazing pens and other unique items and have come a long way from their very first pen. “We are using 5500 year old bogwood and turning it into usable pieces of art, it’s pretty cool,” says Kyle.

Blond and the Beard

Based in Barrie, the two sell their wares online and at events, markets and festivals like Kempenfest. “We had such an amazing response at Kempenfest,” says Carly. “People can send us the wood from a tree that means something to them and we turn it into a memorable gift. It could be a tree from their family cottage or a piece of wood they found washed up on shore during a vacation, it’s all about creating something special.

Carly is Blondie and Kyle is the Beard
photo credit: Three Wolves Studio
Blondie and the Beard
Image credit: Blondie and the Beard Facebook
Blondie and the Beard pen makers Barrie, Ontario Canada.

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