Butting Out At Work Equals More Vacation Time At A British Company

Recruitment agency wants to compensate those who do not smoke, rather than punish those that do

If you are a smoker and your boss offered you more holiday time for not smoking at work, would you go for it?

A recruitment agency in southwest England (Swindon) is offering employees four extra vacation days for not lighting up.

According to the BBC, the measure was introduced by Don Bryden, managing director at KCJ Training and Employment Solutions, and is also a smoker.

Bryden says the both smokers and non-smokers have embraced the initiative.

He tells the BBC that workers can take a smoke break, but notes if a person takes three 10-minute breaks a day that equates to 16 and a quarter days a year based on an eight-hour working day.

Bryden says he wants to make sure non-smokers who are sitting there working while their colleagues are have a ciggie break are compensated.

There is no discrimination in his mind, and he is open to giving more time off to staff if it motivates them to quit smoking.

Bryden says he would give an employee a day off if they quit smoking for three months, two days off if they can last six months.

“Remember, a healthier workplace is a happier workplace. ” he tells the BBC.