Buyer Beware as Free Trial Turns into $400 Skin Cream Purchase

Website Promises Free Trial But Details Added Charges in Fine Print

“The Large Print Giveth and the Fine Print Taketh” is a lesson a local woman learned the hard way.

Failing to Cancel A Free Trial in Time Resulted in Two Credit Card Charges of $200 for each package of skin cream

This woman contacted Barrie 360 to warn others not to fall for the same scam, after signing up for a free trial thinking all she would have to cover are shipping costs. It turns out, the website she signed up for,, has on its Terms and Conditions page a clause that stipulates under which conditions you would have to foot the full cost.

Terms and Conditions Detail How A Free Trial Can Become Costly

Peter Leon with the Barrie Police says buyer beware “in many cases, it’s a case of people not doing their homework and due diligence before they make orders online… it reminds us of a very simple thing; take the time, do the research, and don’t let your fingers do the walking.”