There are now over a million Covid-19 cases worldwide, 10,000 in Canada

In the span of one month, Canada has gone from reporting 24 cases of Covid-19 to over 10,000 confirmed cases.

Canada hit over 10,466 confirmed cases of Covid-19 on Thursday with 131 deaths, and 1,528 recoveries from the virus. Ontario added 401 more cases Thursday. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says more data on fatality rates and projection models will come out soon, but he didn’t reveal those models.

“The biggest variable in shaping these projections is you and your behaviour. You must listen to the world-class doctors…ignoring them puts lives at risk,” said Trudeau.

There are now over 1 million confirmed cases worldwide, and the death toll surpassed 50,000, according to tracking by Johns Hopkins University

Canada’s top doctor, Dr Theresa Tam confirmed at least 50 of the deaths in Canada have been associated with long-term care homes, retirement homes and other health care facilities in Canada.


Trudeau will be chairing a meeting tonight (April 2) with Canada’s premiers on information distribution. ” The Provinces have been making significant progress on testing backlogs, which is giving experts important data to analyze. I will have more information to share with Canadians soon.”

Dr. Tam says 260K tests have been completed, 3.5% confirmed positive, 95% confirmed negative. Tam added it’s within a “good range” of accurate detection of where the virus is circulating.

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The Prime Minister announced the arrival of over a million masks to a Hamilton warehouse Wednesday night. “That’s in addition to the 10 million masks that came in over the past few days,” said Trudeau.

The Canadian government has ordered hundreds of thousands of face shields from hockey company Bauer. “This is exactly the kind of innovative, collaborative thinking we need right now.” “3,000 companies have help secure protective equipment so far,” added Trudeau.