Canada’s new food guide eliminates the four food groups

Encourages plant-based eating, reduces emphasis on meat and dairy

Healthy eating has taken on new meaning.

Federal Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor has introduced Canada’s new Food Guide – eliminating the four food groups most of us have grown up with, instead offering guidance on making your own healthy food choices.

The Health Minister emphasized that healthy eating is about more than the foods we eat…

“It’s about your whole relationship with food. The new Food Guide gets to the heart of this relationship and gives Canadians concrete advice that they can follow to make healthy eating part of their day.”

The new Food Guide is an online suite of resources designed to meet the needs of different users. This includes mobile-friendly web content to encourage Canadians to eat healthy whenever and wherever they go.
This new dietary guidance includes advice for Canadians on healthy food choices and healthy eating habits. This advice includes:

  • eating plenty of vegetables and fruits
  • eating protein foods
  • choosing whole grain foods
  • making water your drink of choice

The Food Guide also encourages Canadians to:

  • cook more often
  • enjoy food
  • be mindful of eating habits
  • eat meals with others