Canadian Tourism Would Grow If We Could Sell Winter Better – Study

Dozens of jobs and billions of dollars could be had

A stronger focus on tourism could create 180 thousand new jobs in Canada and add billions of dollars to the economy.

The Globe and Mail has laid its hands on a report to be released today suggesting while Canada’s tourism industry is strong, it could be even stronger if we could entice more people to embrace our winters.

For the most, the report says the tourist swell in Canada is during the warm summer months.

An advisory panel points to Finland where promoting periods of round-the-clock darkness in winter as a ‘must-see’ experience worked well for that country.

The report, to be released by the Tourism Minister today, also found Canada spends about 20 per cent less on tourism marketing than similar countries. Australia and Ireland, for instance, spend more than twice as much per international tourist; New Zealand spends about four times more.

The high cost of air travel was also found to be holding Canada back.