Careful what you’re ‘clicking’ on Instagram

Hackers using a 'Nasty List' to access accounts

If you get a message from a trusted friend on Instagram suggesting ‘you’re on the list’ ignore it.

People are really putting all of us on here, I’m already in 37th position

Hackers are using a ‘Nasty List ‘scam to access account information, as well as followers’ lists to hack into even more accounts.

It starts with a direct message from someone you know and trust saying something along the lines of “WOW. You’re on here!!! ranked 100” or “omg you’re #15 on this list. So messed up.”

It also comes with a link, which many have clicked on out of curiousity. It should be safe to do, after all, since it appears to have come from someone you trust.

It’s not.

Clicking on it takes you to a fake Instagram profile named ‘The Nasty List’ or ‘The Nasty’. Those who enter their credentials will get their accounts compromised and provide full control to hackers.

If you did not enter your credentials, you’re safe

If you clicked on the first link and were redirected to the fake profile, and clicked on the second link but did not enter your credentials, you are safe. So are those who have two-factor authentication enabled.

If you did enter your credentials, change your password on Instagram, and all the other accounts that you used the same password for. Also, do not forget to check if all the contact information such as email address and phone number are correct.

And before you ‘click’ next time, check the URL first, to ensure it’s the official Instagram page.

banner image via YouTube