Cheetos hiring two (Mis)Chief Officers to promote new Mac ‘n Cheese dinners

Paid $4,000 to encourage Canadians to live 'dangerously cheesy'

This could be fun.

Cheetos is looking for two (Mis)chief Officers (CMOs) to shake up the world of mac ‘n cheese to encourage Canadians to live ‘dangerously cheesy’ and try its new mac ‘n cheese dinners.

“We know letting go of an old friend isn’t always easy, but we’re confident that nothing heals better than a bowl of bold and cheesy Cheetos Mac ‘n Cheese,” said Logan Chambers, Senior Director of Marketing, PepsiCo Foods Canada.

The CMOs will be paid $4,000 for treating their friends and family to a bolder and cheesier mac ‘c cheese, with flavours like Bold & Cheesy, Cheesy JalapeƱo, and Flamin’ Hot.

CMOs might go big and replace everything in their kitchen with Cheetos new, sexy macs, or they could offer the last person to text them a hot bowl of Cheetos Mac ‘n Cheese delivered to their door.

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