City of Barrie engineering head says Harvie Road bridge construction is right on track

A bridge spanning Highway 400 in south Barrie is on track to open in October.

The Harvie Road bridge is a $45 million project that promises to not only connect Big Bay Point Road to Harvie Road but also address traffic congestion in Barrie’s south end.

Work on the project slowed over the winter months, but an informal update was provided during Monday night’s City Hall meeting. “The project is progressing well,” said City of Barrie Engineering Director Bala Araniyasundaran. “They are back on-site and getting ready for the spring work.”

“The bridge work should start in May, and the crossing is still on track to open in October,” he added.

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Big Bay Point Road and Fairview Road were shut down over the summer of 2019 to raise the entire area up eleven metres. This will allow it to meet up with the higher elevation to the west.