City of Barrie Marina staff showcase new trash-trapping technology

News release – City of Barrie

On August 26 and 27 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., staff will showcase the City’s new trash-trapping technology at the City of Barrie Marina (55 Lakeshore Drive).

In June 2023, the City began using Seabins and floating booms at various marina locations to remove waste from Lake Simcoe.

“Our city is built around a beautiful waterfront and our community doesn’t end at the shoreline,” says Joel Giles, Supervisor of Facilities – Marina and Waterfront. “We need to reduce pollution at its source and take care of our lake for future generations to continue enjoying.”

The floating booms (located at the Bunker’s Creek and Kidd’s Creek culverts) and Seabins (located at the seasonal and transient marinas) have cleared over 400lbs of waste to date, including more than:

  • 340 cigarette butts;
  • 225 food and drink packages; and,
  • 1,100 small pieces of plastic.

Many times, rainwater and wind carry litter into our lake. To help prevent litter from getting into our lake in the first place, residents can:

  • Reduce waste – buy less plastic;
  • Reuse where possible – multi-use food containers instead of single-use plastic bags; and,
  • Dispose items properly – take them with you if no bins are available.

The Barrie Marina was the first marina on Lake Simcoe to receive the internationally recognized Blue Flag award and has maintained this prestigious eco-tourism label since 2015. To achieve and maintain the Blue Flag rating, a series of stringent environmental, educational, and safety-related criteria must be maintained.

Visit for more details and visit the marina this weekend to talk to marina staff and learn more.

Banner image via the City of Barrie