Colleges like changes to apprenticeship program in provincial budget

Will help produce a more highly qualified workforce

Ontario colleges are applauding the provincial government’s budget commitment to modernize apprenticeship training.

One of the provisions in the budget calls for the creation of a one-window digital portal for apprentices. The colleges say it will produce a more highly qualified workforce.

“This will ensure more people enrol in apprenticeship training,” said Dr. MaryLynn West-Moynes, Georgian College President and CEO. “It will produce more apprentices to help Ontario close the skills gap.”

“We look forward to working with the government to helping more people acquire the expertise that is essential to success in this new economy.”

The current application system is complex and bureaucratic with no clear application process. As a result, say the colleges, many people seeking to become apprentices find it difficult to get matched with willing employers.

The creation of a one-window portal will make the application process straightforward and easily accessible.

“The government clearly recognizes it should be as easy for students to apply to be apprentices as it is to apply to any other college or university program,” said West-Moynes. “Modernizing our apprenticeship system will help make it one of the best in the world.”