Collingwood Police Play Role in Transcontinental Drug Bust

Over 180kg of Meth Recovered from New Vehicles Manufactured in Mexico

Officers with the Collingwood OPP detachment were involved in an international drug bust.

An investigation began in December, when some local Ford dealerships started noticing discrepancies in the vehicles being shipped to them and the ones they were expecting.

Further investigation revealed large amounts of meth were stuffed into the spare tires of some vehicles, and it appears it was done to newly manufactured vehicles from a Ford Motors factory in Mexico.

Meth was packed into new vehicles’ spare tires before being shipped to Canada

Investigators from the Collingwood OPP joined forces with the OPP in Caledon, along with Canadian Border Services, and police from Sudbury, for a multi-jurisdictional investigation that resulted in the seizure of six vehicles from a train bound for Quebec.

In total 180kg of meth has been recovered from vehicles shipped trans-continentally.