Collingwood Resort Helping Human Trafficking Victims

Provided free accommodations, hot meals and offered jobs

Living Water Resorts in Collingwood doing what it can to help the victims of the labour human trafficking uncovered in the region.

It was one of the hotels and resorts that had contracted with a local company for cleaning services. Barrie Police and the OPP allege the cleaning company had been using slave labour to provide its services, unknown to Living Water and the others.

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Living Water says it had employed the company for the last year at a rate of $21 per hour.

Since the human trafficking revelation it has worked to help the victims…

  • Through local transportation company Ace Transportation donation and the protection of Victim Services, all of the affected individuals were shuttled to the Living Water Resort
  • All were provided free accommodations, hot meals and offered jobs from the Resort
  • The Resort worked with Journey Community Church and Spanish Club of Collingwood to provide assistance with translation needs and emotional support;
  • Current Resort employees have also taken an initiative to help assist with their basic living needs as well as loving support
  • The local Salvation Army Church provided free clothing and toiletry needs

“It saddens us to hear of this happening. It is important that we come together as a community to help those in need, especially those within our own backyard. We want everyone affected to have faith in their neighbour and community, and live a positive and peaceful life here.”
– Living Water Resorts owner Larry Law

Living Water Resorts is asking the community to help through a ‘Love Through Action’ initiative. The Resort is accepting donations at the Living Stone Golf Resort and Living Water Resort & Spa properties. All donations will go towards the affected people.