Collingwood Town Hall Okays Slight Tax Bill Increase

2019 Budget Comes with An Approximate $25 a Year Increase

Collingwood council has given the final okay to a 2019 budget containing over $93 million in expenses.

The operating and capital budget represents a 1.12 per cent increase over last year, balancing out to about 25 bucks on the average Collingwood home.

One of the biggest ticket items out of this year’s tally is the Stewart Road Reservoir, coming in at about $4.3 million. About 250 grand is set aside for Town Hall refurbishment. Other highlights include:

  • Lockhart & Hurontario Street Intersection Turning Lanes = $1.1M
  • Transit Bus Replacement = $560,000
  • Black Ash Pumping Station Upgrade = $3.6M
  • Sunset Point Enviropark Replacement (design phase with opportunity for public input) = $200,000
  • Harbourview Park Splash Pad (design phase) = $320,000

“As our municipality grows, this budget is putting the needs of our residents first.” says Collingwood Mayor Brian Saunderson, “The Town continues to dedicate significant funding to infrastructure upgrades and customer service enhancements. “