Company picks Barrie mall to test market mask and sanitizer vending machines

All of the vending machines are cashless

Decades ago there was a successful television marketing campaign telling people “Don’t Leave Home Without It.” The campaign was for credit card company American Express. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the same message would apply to your mask.

Being human, we forget. Have you been in the car on the way to the grocery store and have had to turn around because you left your mask at home? Some entrances to businesses have a supply of masks for the public, but it’s hit and miss.

A Toronto company is test marketing vending machines that sell masks and hand sanitizers in four locations including one at the Georgian Mall in Barrie.

“We’re doing it for convenience and to have them readily available.” according to Klear Vending CEO Noam Hazan.

Another four live locations will be rolled out next week and likely another 12 before the end of September.

Hazan said what is out there is just the regular standard mask. For people with a fashion sense, Hazan is upping the game with a line of masks for different tastes. If you’ve got to wear them, may as well add the mask to your personal accessories.

Hazan said some of the materials they use are more advanced. There is a copper and silver thread material which is supposed to be really good for a person’s skin and keeping it cool.

The company is also working on transparent masks so you can see people’s faces. Hazan said masks have been a challenge for people who are deaf and lip read. It has also presented a challenge for Hazan.

“People can’t understand me when I have my mask on because of my English accent.”

Masks at the Klear vending machines sell for about $14 to $25. Payment is cashless and you can also pay through your phone by downloading an app.