Cops Say Over Two Dozen Dump Trucks Were Too Heavy

Each Driver Faces Potential Fines Exceeding Three Grand

Twenty-five dump truck drivers looking at fines today, after OPP pulled them all over and lined ’em up one by one.

The OPP say all 25 trucks were in violation of the load restrictions in place this time of year, in this case along 5th Sideroad near the 3rd Line of Essa.

According to an OPP spokesperson, all these trucks were coming up from Toronto, getting rid of excess soil from a GTA-based project on the go. They were dumping the soil with permission, but each truck was too heavy for the route they were taking to get there.

Police did say that someone went ahead and cut down one of the Load Restriction signs with a chainsaw, while that is still under investigation.

Each of the 25 drivers was charged, 73 charges laid overall, carrying the potential for $3,500 in fines to each driver.

Load restrictions are put in place this time of year to prevent damage to roadways during the spring thaw.