County Maintains Stellar Credit Rating, Fourth Year In A Row

S&P Global Ratings Affirms AA Rating

Looks like Simcoe County could get a good loan if needed.

S&P Global Ratings this week affirmed the County’s double-A credit rating. This is the fourth year running the agency has done so for Simcoe County, based on its fiscal responsibility.

The ratings agency says it expects the County to keep its capital program well managed, avoiding any new debt over the next two years.

“As we enter a new Council term, it’s reassuring that a global auditing agency has confirmed that we’re starting from a sound financial position,” said Warden George Cornell. “The County has strong operating and budgetary oversight. Due to the prudent management of tax payers dollars, this new Council can continue to make responsible investments in our services to strengthen our municipalities and contribute to the well-being of our residents.”