COVID-19 has now claimed over 1,000 lives in Ontario, but recoveries continue to outpace active cases

Province reporting a back log of over 11.800

The province’s death toll in connection to COVID-19 has now exceeded one thousand people.

Public Health Ontario reports another 86 lives were lost to the disease since yesterday, bringing the total to 1,082. However, recoveries continue to outpace active cases, and by a wider margin every day. Health officials report another 593 recoveries since yesterday, for a total of 10,205 (or 63% of all cases). This exceeds the number of new cases added overnight at 459.

To date, 16,187 cases reported in total, with over 277,000 tests run in that time. The province ran 12,928 tests a day prior, while over 11,800 people await test results across Ontario.