COVID-19 infections in Canada shifting from travel-related to community transmission

Nearly half of cases in Canada are community-related

There’s been a fundamental shift in how COVID-19 is spreading in Canada.

It began with travellers bringing the infection back with them from other countries.

Now, Public Health Canada says nearly half of cases in our country are community-related, triggering what experts are calling a silent epidemic.

Of the one-thousand-and-44 cases reported in Canada, 48 percent are the result of community transmission compared to 42 percent related to travel and seven percent linked to close contact with someone who has travelled.

Health experts say this shift makes it more difficult to slow the spread of the virus because they don’t know where it is at any particular moment in time.

This is why, say public health officials, it’s important for even healthy Canadians to stay home, wash their hands and stay two metres from others when venturing outdoors.