Criminal Charges Continue Being Laid In Connection To Opioid Deaths

OPP Highlighting Severity of Dealing Opioids

The OPP say over 30 criminal charges have been laid to date, in connection to 13 overdose-related deaths. Eight of those deaths were this year alone.

Twenty manslaughter and 12 criminal negligence causing death charges have been laid provincially, on people accused of dealing the drugs that lead to fatal overdoses.

“There are no excuses in today’s environment to continue to allow this drug to be distributed through our communities.” says Interim Deputy Paul Beesley of the OPP’s Investigations and Organized Crime Unit. “People are dying from opioid overdoses every day. We are continuing to hold those people who are knowingly trafficking harmful substances, such as fentanyl, in our communities accountable for these deaths.”

These numbers, and more info posted to the Provincial Police’s social channels on Twitter and Facebook, meant to highlight the severity of selling, distributing, or trafficking opioids.