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Co-founder of Barrie Pride, David Bradbury, retires from the organization

'It has been a pleasure and an honour to watch this organization and community become a pinnacle of hope, determination and duty to the queer peoples in Barrie and the Simcoe County region,' says Bradbury

News release – provided – David Bradbury

It is with great pride and humility that I wish to announce my retirement as executive director and co-chair of Barrie Pride.

It has been a wonderful and rewarding eight years in a leadership role with this organization that has continued to serve the 2SLGBTQAI+ community.

Since starting as co-founder of Barrie Pride in 2013, it has been a pleasure and an honour to watch this organization and community become a pinnacle of hope, determination and duty to the queer peoples in Barrie and the Simcoe County region.

It has also been an honour to work alongside other diverse communities with which we share a shining drive for the betterment of all those in need in society.

During this time, I had the honour to help organize and develop our dynamic pride festival with our dedicated Barrie Pride team members along with a multitude of local business partners and community stakeholders. It was such a dream come true to help build and introduce the very first pride parade in Barrie. Then to advocate for the first rainbow crosswalk in our region.

I will always remember with great emotion and an abundance of love in my heart how our community came together to gather over 400 signatures on the 2016 Barrie Pride parade banner, which was driven to and handed directly to the local queer community in Orlando in the wake of the Pulse [nightclub shooting].

David Bradbury – twitter.com

There have been so many other movements and groups I have had the honour to be connected with. Working with our team to help many in our communities who struggle, who need someone to be their voice, to raise them up so they are recognized to be the joyous people they are, including those who work tirelessly for U=U education and awareness, transgender equality, and intersex visibility.

“Working alongside David Bradbury was a true gift! David’s skill and enthusiasm for supporting marginalized groups has helped make Barrie a brighter place. Though he will be sorely missed as Barrie Pride’s founder and passionate trailblazer, I can’t wait to see what he does next.” – Shelly Skinner, president and founder, UPlift Black

“Justine would not have the platform she has today without David’s help. I am forever grateful for his love and compassion for Pride and for myself as a performer. David Bradbury is a pillar of this community and I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.” – Mitchell LaFramboise, Justine D’as

It has been an immense honour and a true privilege to work with such a powerful community devoted to working toward diversity, equality and inclusivity for the 2SLGBTQAI+ people in this beautiful and sacred land we share with so many other vital communities.

It is with deep gratitude and warmth with which I offer my farewell, and I wish everyone at Barrie Pride the greatest of success for the future. I am confident the new generation of leaders in the organization will meet and exceed their objectives in fostering the level of service and support for our brilliant queer community.

With Pride,

David Bradbury