Deadline today for removing fish huts from some local waterways

Deadline today for south of Severn River; March 31 for those north of Severn

It is deadline day for getting fish huts off of what’s left of the ice south of the Severn River; the deadline north of the Severn is March 31

It’s a delicate procedure for sure given the mild temperatures of last week.

There were several ice and water rescues from Lake Simcoe at the weekend.

Barrie Fire rescues two people from Lake Simcoe

Innisfil Fire performs ice rescue on Lake Simcoe

Police warn of unsafe ice after hauling snowmobile out of Holland River

Police recommend proper clothing and flotation attire, taking someone with you and letting others know what you’re up to and when you’re expected to back. A fully charged cell phone might also come in handy.

The removal of an ice hut does not indicate the end of ice fishing in that location. It’s a safety measure to ensure all huts are removed before thawing occurs.