Death toll at Roberta Place rises to 25

Six more deaths reported Thursday

The death toll at Roberta Place in Barrie has climbed to 25 with six more deaths reported Thursday.

Mayor Jeff Lehman says the best thing we can do to keep this kind of thing from happening is to stop the community spread, and that means staying home as much as possible, “Unfortunately, that’s what happens, it spreads in the community and somewhere, it gets into a long-term home from somebody going into the facilities. The other thing I heard this week that I thought was really well said is you know, the virus doesn’t move, people move, people with the virus move.”

Lehman asks that people just hang out with their own households, for the next couple of weeks at least. He says the impact of the lockdown is being felt, “We’re actually seeing cases start to slowly level off and in some parts of the province come down. So, you know, people are moving around less. And that’s the best thing we can do to prevent any further tragedies like the one we’re seeing in Roberta Place.”

Of the facility’s 130 residents, 122 had contracted COVID-19 as of mid-week. Half of the staff – sixty-nine – and two essential visitors have also tested positive.