Designated days for fireworks as new by-law takes effect in Barrie.

The city has received complaints about fireworks being set off days before and after the actual holiday

If you plan on setting off fireworks to mark Canada Day in Barrie then make sure you do it on July 1, not days before or after.

A new by-law is in effect which allows residents to set off fireworks on Victoria Day, Canada Day, New Year’s Day, and for the duration of the recognized Lunar New Year and Diwali holidays.

The motion was put forward at council this month by Ann-Marie Kungl and passed without discussion.

She said residents had reached out to her from across the city saying that allowing fireworks five days before the actual holiday was too much. Kungl said she fielded calls about fireworks being set off two weeks after Victoria Day, as well as concerns expressed about animal welfare and people who suffer from anxiety.

Rather than increasing fines, Kungl said much of the enforcement will be educational.

“It’s sometimes very hard to even identify the property after the fireworks have gone off,” she noted.

Residents who want to incorporate a fireworks display for something like a wedding will still be allowed to as long as they contact the city to get a permit and learn about the process around safety regulations.

The City of Barrie will not be holding a fireworks event on Canada Day because of pandemic restrictions.

Please refer to the Regulatory Matters By-law at for more information about the display of fireworks in the city.