Discovery Harbour’s Ghost Tour might be the spookiest experience in Simcoe County

Still scary whether or not you believe in ghosts!

If you’re an avid ghost hunter or just enjoy giving yourself the willies, Discovery Harbour’s Ghost Tour is a supernatural experience you won’t want to miss.

This lantern-lit guided tour around one of Simcoe County’s best-known historic sites will give you a paranormal twist on the usual experience. “Missing artifacts that mysteriously reappear, chess pieces that move, and the image of a small child in a window… these are just some of the unusual happenings that occur at Discovery Harbour.”

Ghost Tours will be offered every Friday and Saturday (until September 4) at three different times (each month):

August – 8:15, 8:30, and 8:45
September – 8:00, 8:15, and 8:30

There is also a Thursday experience on Sept 2 if you can’t make it out on the weekend.

Tickets are only $9.55 a person and are available from Discovery Harbour’s website. Be sure to head over and read up on all the rules, safety protocols, and to snag yourself a ticket!

Featured image courtesy of Monstera via