Dogs Rescued From House Fire In Letitia Heights

Barrie firefighters rescued two dogs last night from a home on Frost Trail near Shelley Lane – gave them oxygen to bring them around.

No humans were hurt.

The flames were traced back to the kitchen. Fire investigators say the damage was too extensive to determine an exact cause.

Damage is estimated at $150,000.

Follow these tips to prevent a fire in your home

Stand By Your Pan
Stay in the kitchen when you’re cooking. If you have to leave for even a few seconds, turn off the stove, set a timer or take an item with you (like a tea towel) to remind you to return to cooking right away.

Clear the Clutter
Keep the cooking area clear of paper towel, wooden utensils and tea towels to prevent any possibility of fire spread.

Don’t Reach for Danger
Don’t store anything on the back of your stove so you won’t be tempted to reach across a hot element or burner.

Don’t Cook Wearing Loose Clothing
People have burned to death because they have reached across the stove while wearing loose clothing. If you’re going to cook on the stove, wear a short-sleeve shirt or roll up your sleeves. Don’t wear that robe with baggy sleeves!

Put a Lid on It
If a pot catches fire, it’s important not to panic. Keep the proper-fitting pot lids nearby so that if the pan catches fire, you can carefully slide the lid on it and turn off the stove. Once the lid is placed on top of the pot, turn the heat off. Don’t peek: wait until the pot cools down before removing the lid. People have burned their house down because their first reaction is to rush the pot to the sink or get the pot outside as fast as possible.

source: Barrie Fire and Emergency Service