Dorian creeps out to sea after attacking Nova Scotia

Death toll in Bahamas rises to 45

Dorian has completed her journey from the Caribbean, up the American east coast and through the Maritimes.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center says the storm’s core, with weakening winds, moved over the cold waters of the Labrador Sea late last night.

Nova Scotians are grappling with streets littered with downed trees, branches, and power lines after Dorian hit the province Saturday as a Category Two hurricane. Halifax was hit particularly hard. Hundreds of thousands of people across the province are still without power.

Meantime, the death toll in the Bahamas rose to 45 Sunday. Many remain unaccounted for. The Island’s health minister has said other victims may be buried in rubble or were washed out to sea during the storm.

Seventy-six thousand people on Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands are homeless. They are in desperate need of food, water, and shelter. A cargo ship that had dropped off supplies became a lifeboat for many desperate to escape the devastation. They will be taken to Nassau.

banner image via @NSwilderness