Double Check Those Lug Nuts

Serious Wednesday Morning Crash Serving As a Maintenance Reminder

Following a crash that sent a Barrie woman to Toronto hospital, motorists are being reminded to double check their own wheels, especially if they’ve been changed recently. A similar incident Friday afternoon is being used to drive home the point further.

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A wheel somehow flew off a vehicle in the tail end of Wednesday’s morning rush, while OPP confirm a pickup lost a wheel on the 400 Friday afternoon. This is something OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt says happens with more frequency this time of year, but it isn’t exclusive to the Spring. “We certainly do see a spike of that in the Spring and Fall seasons, when people are changing over their tires. But this can happen at any time.” Schmidt tells Barrie 360. “If you’ve had new tires put on, or maybe a brake job where the tires had to be removed, then it’s important to go back and have those tires double checked and retorqued.”

Schmidt says you need not even return to the shop to do it. “If you’ve had a recent tire change, and you’ve not gone back to have your tires retorqued, you can do that with a tire iron right now in your driveway. Before you start driving, go around and make sure every single one of those wheel fasteners is tight.”

While it is important to make sure your vehicle’s lug nuts are secure, Schmidt points out, not too secure. “We don’t want them over-tightened, but we do want them snug. Read the owner’s manual, see what they’re asking for, and put the tire iron to it.”

The investigation into Wednesday morning’s collision continued, while no charged had been laid. A 29-year-old woman was airlifted from the scene, while Schmidt tells Barrie 360, she is expected to make a full recovery.

No injuries were reported immediately following Friday’s incident, while police could not confirm, as of mid-afternoon Friday, if the wheel had struck anything but the ground.