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Downey, Khanjin return to Queen’s Park as Barrie, Simcoe County, Parry Sound-Muskoka sticks with Tory blue

BSOM the only close race

The expected dogfight turned out to be exactly that in Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte (BSOM) as Progressive Conservative incumbent Doug Downey hung on to defeat Liberal Jeff Lehman.

The race was tight all night, with Lehman, who has been Barrie mayor since 2010, conceding defeat just before midnight. Downey beat Lehman by 604 votes, picking up 42.5% of the vote.

Doug Downey was returne

Downey served as Attorney General for three years during the Progressive Conservatives first term in office.

He says the victory tells him that Doug Ford and the PC’s are focused on the right things.

“We’re focused on the economy, the infrastructure, working for workers, and all those things that matter to people, like affordability.”

Lehman still has some political life in him and will continue to serve as Barrie mayor until the municipal election.

“Although there are only a few council cycles left, I think I’ve got the opportunity in the community, with some of the things that were really important to me, like the health accord, to try and move those yardsticks before my terms ends,” he said.

Liberal Jeff Lehman speaks to supporters on election night (Barrie 360)

Lehman repeated he will not seek another term as mayor.

Elsewhere in the region, it was no contest in Barrie-Innisfil, where Andre Khanjin won a second term at Queen’s Park. To say it wasn’t close would be an understatement. Khanjin won with 50.2% of the vote, ahead of New Democrat Pekka Reinio who finished second with 19.1% of the vote.

Andrea Khanjin steamrolled to victory in Barrie-Innisfil: (Facebook)

“I think it says loud and clear that Ontarians want another strong and stable majority Progressive Conservative government that doesn’t have excuses but has a record of getting things done,” Khanjin told Barrie 360.

Khanjin said the government is going to continue to invest in core infrastructure, cost of living and skilled trades.

The Progressive Conservatives had no trouble holding on to seats in Simcoe North (Jill Dunlop), Simcoe-Grey (Brian Saunderson) and York Simcoe (Caroline Mulroney).

The PC’s also hung onto Parry Sound Muskoka, with Graydon Smith, who is mayor of Bracebridge, winning that riding in a tight race with the Green Party.


DOWNEY, DOUGPC Party of Ontario /Parti PC de l’Ontario16,11442.45%609
LEHMAN, JEFFOntario Liberal Party /Parti libéral de l’Ontario15,50540.85%
PATCHELL, BEVERLEYOntario NDP/NPD /Ontario NDP/NPD2,9747.83%
ROBINSON, ELYSEGreen Party of Ontario GPO /Parti Vert de l’Ontario PVO1,6524.35%
HUGHES, HAYDENNew Blue /New Blue1,0882.87%
AUGER, GERRYOntario Party /Parti Ontario6261.65%


KHANJIN, ANDREAPC Party of Ontario /Parti PC de l’Ontario18,22550.25%11,283
REINIO, PEKKAOntario NDP/NPD /Ontario NDP/NPD6,94219.14%
OLTHUIS, JOHNOntario Liberal Party /Parti libéral de l’Ontario6,56418.10%
NORTH, BONNIEGreen Party of Ontario GPO /Parti Vert de l’Ontario PVO2,2916.32%
STEELE, ASHLYNNew Blue /New Blue1,2203.36%
DEAN, GRACEOntario Party /Parti Ontario7642.11%
TUCKER, JAKEOntario People’s Front /Front Populaire de l’Ontario1190.33%


SAUNDERSON, BRIANPC Party of Ontario /Parti PC de l’Ontario27,06051.20%15,380
CRYSLER, TEDOntario Liberal Party /Parti libéral de l’Ontario11,68022.10%
NUNN, KEITHOntario NDP/NPD /Ontario NDP/NPD5,83811.05%
KUHN, ALLANGreen Party of Ontario GPO /Parti Vert de l’Ontario PVO4,7378.96%
GHOBRIAL, DAVIDNew Blue /New Blue2,1464.06%
SACREY, RODNEYOntario Party /Parti Ontario1,0361.96%
GORDON, BILLY GNone of the Above Direct Democracy Party /Aucune de ces Réponses Démocratie Directe Parti3550.67%


DUNLOP, JILLPC Party of Ontario /Parti PC de l’Ontario22,82749.92%14,766
VAN HOUTTE, ELIZABETHOntario NDP/NPD /Ontario NDP/NPD8,06117.63%
CAYDEN HILTZ, AARONOntario Liberal Party /Parti libéral de l’Ontario7,93917.36%
BROOKS, KRYSTALGreen Party of Ontario GPO /Parti Vert de l’Ontario PVO4,0168.78%
DOURIS, MARKNew Blue /New Blue1,4633.20%
MACDONALD, AARONOntario Party /Parti Ontario1,1022.41%
JOSLIN, WILLIAMLibertarian /Libertarien3150.69%


MULRONEY, CAROLINEPC Party of Ontario /Parti PC de l’Ontario20,78956.76%14,470
ALVAREZ-BARDALES, WALTEROntario Liberal Party /Parti libéral de l’Ontario6,31917.25%
KI, SPENCER YANGOntario NDP/NPD /Ontario NDP/NPD4,08311.15%
STEWART, JULIEGreen Party of Ontario GPO /Parti Vert de l’Ontario PVO2,6917.35%
FELLMAN, BRENTNew Blue /New Blue1,6334.46%
HOLLANDER, ALANAOntario Party /Parti Ontario6981.91%
TISDALE, ZACHARYLibertarian /Libertarien2620.72%
COLAVECCHIA, FRANCOOntario Moderate Party /Ontario Moderate Party1530.42%


SMITH, GRAYDONPC Party of Ontario /Parti PC de l’Ontario20,21645.41%2,114
RICHTER, MATTGreen Party of Ontario GPO /Parti Vert de l’Ontario PVO18,10240.66%
HORVATH, ERINOntario NDP/NPD /Ontario NDP/NPD3,3917.62%
COCKS, ANDREW JOHNOntario Party /Parti Ontario1,6493.70%
MAYNARD, DOUGNew Blue /New Blue8831.98%
WADDELL, BRADPopulist Ontario /Populiste Ontario1260.28%

Voter Turnout:

Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte: 44.61%

Barrie-Innisfil : 39.26%

Simcoe-Grey: 43.32%

Simcoe North: 45.38%

York Simcoe: 38.87%

Parry Sound-Muskoka: 53.28%

Ontario: 43.03%