Driver DX is like the Uber of the trucking industry

Online service connects drivers to vehicle owners

There’s a new service out there that connects drivers to the big rigs without anyone at the wheel.

Driver DX, a new online service, promises to connect professional drivers and carriers to each other. “In the past, there has been regular standard HR companies that use algorithms and websites to match up resumes and stuff like that,” Driver DX owner Angie Ricci told Barrie 360. “Ours is a little different. We have a mobile app to recruit drivers and onboard drivers onto the app, where they upload their available hours for carriers to utilize.”

It almost sounds like your standard ride-sharing service, much like Uber. Ricci likes the comparison, but says it’s not really the same. “The difference with Uber is that they use their own vehicle. In the commercial vehicle industry, we don’t really use our own vehicles unless they’re a private for hire company. So the difference here would be, we would be matching professional drivers with carriers who need them to drive the company’s vehicle.”

“When we say we’re sort of Uber for the commercial industry, a lot of people can relate to that. So we’re definitely honoured to be ranked up there with Uber,” she added.

Ricci hopes this new service will help address what she says is a longstanding driver shortage in the industry. She adds that the shortage was compounded by the pandemic. “With the pandemic putting the brakes on all of that, forcing all those drivers out of the marketplace, diluting the driver shortage even more so, it’s quite the crisis,” she said.

Those interested in making use of the Driver DX service are encouraged to visit their website. Ricci says drivers will be vetted to ensure they meet the criteria of the marketplace.