Drunk Driving, High Miling Keeping Police Busy in Innisfil and Bradford

South Simcoe Police Calling Out Five Drivers

South Simcoe Police are calling out some drivers over some bad behind-the-wheel behaviour.

It all started around 9:00 Saturday morning when police noticed a parked vehicle with a burnt-out headlight. When the officer went to speak to the driver, they were found slumped against the window. Once the officer rousted the 28-year-old Innisfil man, he was charged with drunk driving.

At around 10:00 Sunday morning, when the ice and snow were near their worst over the weekend, police say a motorist was clocked at 133 in an 80 kilometre an hour zone, along Yonge St. in Innisfil. The 32-year-old man behind the wheel was also charged with having cannabis readily available.

Less than two hours later, police responded to a two-vehicle crash on Holland St. in Bradford. One vehicle rear-ended the other, according to police, but fled the scene from there. The vehicle was later located by the victim in a nearby parking lot, police came shortly after and arrested a 26-year-old Bradford man. He faces charges including impaired operation and having a G1 licence without qualified accompaniment.

Just before 3:00 Sunday afternoon, police clocked a vehicle at 20 over the posted 50km/h limit along Innisfil Beach Rd. in Innisfil. The driver may have gotten a pass, except for the open bottle of booze police say they spied in the passenger seat. Breath tests back at the station resulted in readings of three times the legal limit, and now a 48-year-old Barrie man is facing charges.

A 23-year-old Tottenham man will be walking for a while after his licence and vehicle were impounded by police; officers say the young man was clocked at 129km/h in a 60 zone along 5th Sideroad in Bradford.