Dunlop Street reconstruction expected to wrap up by late November

$15.7 million project nearing completion

It may seem like Dunlop Street has been under construction for some time, but City Hall says the end is in sight.

It is expected the Dunlop St. beautification project will come to an end in the next few weeks, as construction crews finalize a few details and put some finishing touches in. The roadway’s top asphalt is being paved, with fixtures installed. Weather permitting, it is expected construction will be complete by late November.

“I’m sure residents and businesses alike will be pleased to see this project completed! The purpose of the project is to create a larger and more enjoyable pedestrian environment on Dunlop Street, which has been a goal for decades in Barrie,” notes Mayor Jeff Lehman. “This will help support the economy of downtown and the hard-hit small business and restaurant sector as we move into the Christmas shopping season.”

The project began in August of 2019 to not only replace aging infrastructure but also improve the pedestrian experience. New streetlights, wider sidewalks, and other beautification measures like planters and trees are expected to attract more people to the city’s downtown core. The project cost about $15.7 million.