Federal Audit Shows Parliament Hill Shortcomings

Report Finds Feds Buying Too Many Fighter Jets For The Pilots They Have

The auditor general’s office is out with its regular fall update, a snapshot of how the feds are doing.

Among the findings:

The military is doing better at encouraging members to report sexual assaults and misconducts, but says the help provided after is inadequate. Auditor General MichaelĀ Ferguson says there are long delays in resolving cases of sexual misconduct within the military, adding there is inadequate sexual misconduct training for service members.

Heritage buildings lack proper legislative protections, with about two-thirds of government-owned historic structures under no plan to maintain them.

The plan to bring high speed internet to all corners of rural Canada lacks the proper funds, according to this audit. Despite the federal government discussing the need for high speed internet, no funding means no plan has been established.

The auditor’s report says Ottawa is failing to protect diplomats living in high risk areas too. The audit of Global Affairs Canada’s embassies shows those in high-risk areas are subject to significant failings in protecting against terrorist attacks, violence, and espionage.

The audit also indicates while the feds are planning on spending over $500 million on some used CF-18 fighter jets from Australia, it lacks the pilots to actually fly them.