Feds ink deal with pharmaceutical company to supply COVID-19 vaccine through 2021 as long as Health Canada gives final nod

Pharma giant could supply up to 100 million doses worldwide by the end of the year

Ottawa has struck a deal with the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to supply a proposed COVID-19 vaccines to Canadians throughout 2021.

But first, the vaccine needs to be approved by Health Canada.

The dollar amount attached to this deal was not immediately made available, but means Pfizer will supply millions of doses of its vaccine to the Canadian Government, and thus to Canadians, throughout 2021.

The vaccine, known as BNT162b2 around the lab, is undergoing clinical trials. The candidate vaccine is nearly in Phases 2 and 3 of its trial, which will involve testing it on up to 30,000 people across 120 locations around the globe. Assuming clinical success, Pfizer could seek regulatory review on the BNT162b2 vaccine as early as October of this year.

Once approval is obtained, the company claims it plans to supply up to 100 million doses worldwide by the end of 2020, and around 1.3 billion doses by the end of next year.

“We continue to be committed to partnering with the Canadian government to help fight this pandemic and are pleased with their collaborative approach to addressing a national COVID-19 immunization strategy with public health officials,” said Cole C. Pinnow, President, Pfizer Canada. “With our combined efforts, we know there is no health challenge that we cannot address.”