Fines levied after inspectors find Gravenhurst business exit nailed shut

"gross and blatant violation of the fire code"

Gravenhurst Fire has handed down hundreds in fines after claiming a business in town had its exit door purposefully nailed shut.

“Exit doorways in public settings are absolutely critical elements of community safety. The idea of an exit door being intentionally nailed shut flies in the face of common sense,” said fire chief Larry Brassard. “It is a gross and blatant violation of the fire code in Ontario.”

A building inspector alerted fire officials who subsequently ordered that the door be repaired. Three people connected to the Bethune Road business have since been fined $900. Fire Code convictions could result in fines of up to $50,000 however, with repeat offenses resulting in fines of $100,000.

“While we prefer to take an educational approach to these issues initially, anyone who doubts our resolve to address these kinds of critical safety issues in Gravenhurst would be well advised to reconsider their position,” added Chief Brassard. “Our staff are committed to ensuring our community is as fire safe as possible, and increasingly enforcement is becoming a necessary aspect of this process.”