Fire ban in Muskoka, danger rating pushed to extreme

No chance of a soaking rain well into next week

With the dry spell expected to last into early next week, the forest fire risk in Muskoka was boosted to extreme on Tuesday.

This means there is a ban on all fires under further notice including for cooking and warmth, and no fireworks are allowed.

“With increasing temperatures, dry conditions and the threats taking place in much of the country, a total fire ban is needed to ensure the health and safety of the community,” the Muskoka Association of Fire Chiefs said in a news release.

They also said extra caution should be taken when using equipment/tools that may produce heat:

  • Limit use of grinding tools and hot works outdoors;
  • DO NOT drive any type of vehicle through long grass/brush as hot exhausts and engines can ignite dry ground cover; and
  • Be safe and present when barbecuing.

Environment Canada says the long-range forecast calls for sunshine through next Monday with daytime highs in the upper 20s to low 30s with a bit of a rollback early next week. There is just a 30 per cent chance of showers on Friday.