Fire Prevention Week – Day Five: Butt Out!

One of the biggest causes of fatal fires in Ontario is improperly disposed of cigarette butts.

As Fire Prevention Week continues, Samantha Hoffmann with the Barrie Fire Service is urging everyone to make sure they butt out every time. “We have seen a lot of fires happen in our city, caused by smoking materials. One of the main reasons for that, is we know that ashes are embers from cigarettes or other smoking materials, and can smolder for up to three hours.”

Hoffmann says it’s great to see more people smoking out of doors or in the garage, but if that butt isn’t completely extinguished, you could have a real problem. “If somebody has their cigarette or smokes, and leaves the area, what they don’t realize is that during those three hours, there’s a fire starting.”

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It’s easy to make sure you’re butting out completely. “Have a big tin that’s nice and deep, and fill it with sand or water,” says Hoffmann. “Make sure that your cigarettes and smoking materials are completely extinguished before you leave the area.” added Hoffmann, “that’s the best thing you could do if you are a smoker or know a smoker. Butt out completely.”

Fire Prevention Week runs until Saturday, October 12th. Barrie 360, with the help of the Barrie Fire and Emergency Service, will explore more elements of fire safety all this week.