Fire Prevention Week – Day Six: Well Alarmed Is Well Armed

"...we can save lives."

As Fire Prevention Week comes to a close, Barrie’s Fire Service is urging everyone to make sure their home is safe. There’s no easier way to do that, than through smoke and CO alarms.

“We know that if all of us take the time to look up and check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms,” says Barrie Fire’s Samantha Hoffmann, “check the date to see if they need to be replaced, push the button to make sure that they’re working, then we can save lives.”

As part of Fire Prevention Week, Barrie Fire crews were visiting some Barrie homes to ensure all alarms were up-to-date and in working order, or to educate the family on why it should be. Hoffmann recalls one visit in particular that left its mark. “Our crews went to a house, knocked on the door, and our deputy chief, who was there by chance, well, they all looked at him,” says Hoffmann, “because it turns out his grandson was inside that house. He was there for a play date, we didn’t know he was there. He was having lunch, it was a great visit with the [deputy] chief, he got to see his grandson during his workday. But it turns out, the home that he was in, the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in that home didn’t work. They were outdated, and they had no idea they weren’t protected. It really made an impact with the deputy chief and our firefighters that were there.”

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To wrap up Fire Prevention Week, Barrie Fire will be at holding a get together at the United Lumber Home Hardware on Bayfield St. in north Barrie; fire professionals will be on scene with plenty of answers to questions and suggestions on how to have a safer home.

Fire Prevention Week runs until Saturday, October 12th. Barrie 360, with the help of the Barrie Fire and Emergency Service, will explore more elements of fire safety all this week.