The five Barrie intersections that had the most reported collisions in 2021

The top five intersections for collisions all had traffic lights to control the flow of traffic

Barrie police responded to hundreds of collisions on city streets every year, but there are several intersections that led the way in terms of bumper cars between motorists.

In most cases, police say the intersections that see a high collision count are ones that experience high traffic volume and are typically found along major routes throughout the city, and all have traffic lights to control the flow of traffic.

In 2021, the intersection of Mapleview Drive East & Park Place led the way with most reported collisions, followed by:

  • Cedar Point Drive & Dunlop Street West
  • Cundles Road East & St. Vincent Street
  • Dunlop Street West & Ferndale Drive North
  • Bayfield Street & Cundles Road West

Police say while these intersections experience the most collisions, motorists who are prepared and driving carefully and defensively can reduce the likelihood of being involved in a collision.
Some tips to keep in mind when driving through intersections:

  • When approaching an intersection with a traffic light that has been green for a while, be prepared to stop if it turns yellow. Upon an approach to a yellow light, you should stop your vehicle if you can do so safely.
  • When approaching an intersection that is blocked with traffic, do not enter the intersection until the traffic clears.
  • If you are preparing to turn left at a busy intersection, you can pull into the intersection but must wait for oncoming traffic to clear before turning.
  • Be aware of other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists may all be travelling near your vehicle. Make sure you are aware of their placement and use your signals to let them know when you’re planning to turn or change lanes.
  • Drive according to the conditions. If conditions or visibility are poor, slow down, give yourself plenty of space between vehicles, and pay attention to the road without distractions.

If you are involved in a collision, at these or any other location, the BPS Traffic Unit reminds motorists to call 911 if anyone is injured. If there are no injuries and the estimated combined damage to the involved vehicles is more than $2,000, the collision can be reported through the Collision Reporting Centre located at the Barrie Simcoe Emergency Services Campus at 110 Fairview Road.