Frasier is being rebooted for yet another new streaming service

Everyone's favourite doctor is heading back to the small screen.

After a 17-year hiatus, ViacomCBS is rebooting Frasier after its successful 11 season run and will be the flagship series for a new streaming service creatively named Paramount+.

While no supporting cast has been confirmed, Kelsey Grammer will be reprising the titular role for what is the second time, after first appearing in the equally beloved Cheers. “The revival will have everything you love about the original: coziness, great writing, and of course, a cast led by Kelsey Grammer,” said ViacomCBS.

While the Frasier reboot does not have a release date yet, Paramount+ will start streaming on March 4. In Canada, CBS’s current streaming offering, CBS All Access, will be rebranded to become Paramount+.

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