Gas Up On The Go?

A fill-up comes to you...for a price

We’ve gone from full service to self-serve at gas stations, now there’s a plan to deliver the fill-up directly to your vehicle.

Two guys in Alberta have launched Sure Fuel, allowing you to use a smartphone app to order a fill-up. You place your order, tell them where you’re parked, leave your gas tank unlocked and a truck shows up with your fuel. They will also top up your wiper fluid and check your oil if you like.

The charge is $10 for a one-time fill-up, $40 a month for unlimited service or you can sign up for a year at $480 – plus the cost of the gasoline.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]No more “yellow light” anxiety when your gas tank is on empty[/perfectpullquote]

Among the benefits of the service:

  • Eliminate your least favourite errand while saving precious time
  • Reduce average commute time by 30-60 minutes per month by bypassing the gas station
  • Get best to average price on the highest quality fuel in your region
  • Eliminate underground gas storage and help cut C02 emissions from trips to the gas station

The service could be up and running in Toronto before the year is out.